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Does A Problem Exist With NFL Offensive Linemen?

Can Offensive Linemen Problems Be Solved This Season?

The Trouble with NFL Offensive Linemen: Bad Starts and Worse Finishes

Neither the New York Giants nor the Seattle Seahawks scored a touchdown in Week 1, and their offensive lines were largely to blame. It’s part of a trend across the league: the big men aren’t NFL-ready coming out of college and they’re not picking up – source

Oklahoma Turnaround

Has Oklahoma Come Up With A Secret Weapon

Mike Stoops Explains the Defensive Turnaround That Helped Oklahoma Take Down Ohio State

Baker Mayfield got the headlines, but the defense also played a critical role in Oklahoma’s win in Columbus. DC Mike Stoops explains his unit’s improvement, plus notes from around the country on budding Oregon star Justin Herbert, a revealing stat ab – source

Is there a NBA Tampering problem?

Does a legitimate tampering problem exhist in the NBA?.

Does the NBA Have a Tampering Problem?

Does Adam Silver have a big problem on his hands? The Lakers’ recruitment of Paul George is only the latest instance of tampering around the league.
– source

Is A Falcon Winning Season In The Cards

Can the Falcons pull it off this season?

It’s a Win, but All Is Not Well for the Falcons

Whether you consider it ‘scrappy’ or ‘ugly,’ the Falcons escaped Chicago with a win. But there are reasons to wonder about whether this offense can reach the heights it did in 2016
– source