Every year in September, Apple appears with their new model iPhone. iPhone lovers are so eagerly awaiting this month. Apple is going to release the new model iPhone in September this year. There is no end to the speculations about what the new model phone will look like and what the price will be. Last year, only the external design of the iPhone 12 changed significantly except for 5G and Mac chip. Apple has not made any significant changes this year, so the iPhone 13 will have a special significance. Numerous rumors have spread in the market from such ideas. Tech site Radar has tried to give an idea about this phone by analyzing them.
Tech Radar’s analysis says that the new model will change a little bit from the previous model. But the big change will come in the camera. There will be at least three powerful cameras. And the iPhone 13 Pro has a high quality telephoto camera with which the user can work as a professional camera. Nominee circuit board technology can be used to increase the battery capacity of the iPhone 13. However, the size of the battery will be smaller even if the power is increased. Tech Radar says that if the battery size is small, a skin fingerprint sensor or a device wireless charger scanner can be added to the bar, as well as powerful biometric technology. iPhone 13 can be a low art satellite phone. As a result, users can make calls even if there is no mobile network. But for this, Apple has to work with the US satellite company Global Star. Taiwanese companies supply chips to Apple. Despite rumors that the price of the iPhone may go up as the price of the chip goes out in the country, tech radar says that the price of the iPhone 13 will be the same as that of the iPhone 12. In other words, the price of iPhone Mini will start at $693 and the price of iPhone 13 Max Pro will be $1099. According to Tech Radar, the iPhone 13 will be unveiled on September 14. Pink and orange can come in addition to white, black and purple. There are a total of 4 models in this series
  1. iPhone 13
  2. iPhone 13 Pro
  3. iPhone 13 Max Pro
  4. iPhone 13 mini

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