Adam Azim hailed as a ‘special’ talent in British boxing after his landslide win at Wembley

By Richard Damerell

“Adam Azim is going to be a superstar and we are here to witness it”; Promoter Ben Shalom says the teenager may emerge as one of the biggest names in British boxing after his dazzling victory on Saturday.

Adam Azim showed why he is touted as a future star in boxing, displaying speed and power in a quick-fire win

Adam Azim may become a “superstar” of British boxing after he gave a glimpse of his “special” talent in a knockout win at Wembley, says promoter Ben Shalom.

The 19-year-old showed his blurry hand speed on a Stu Greener second-round stoppage, which Azim celebrated with a daring backflip at the SSE Arena, Wembley on Saturday night.

Azim has only two fights in his professional career, but BOXXER promoter Shalom believes he will emerge as one of the most successful fighters in Britain.

“We have been talking about Adam for a long time,” Shalom told Sky Sports. “That shows what this kid is made of.

“I think we have a special star on our hands. I think this was the beginning of something.

“This will be a night that people will remember for years to come and say, ‘I was there.’

“Adam Azim is going to be a superstar and we are here to witness that.”

McGuigan is extremely confident that Adam will succeed at the highest level and previously suggested that the teenage protégé could outshine David Haye and George Groves.

Reflecting on the ruthless win over Stu Greener, McGuigan told Sky Sports: “It was fantastic. He didn’t shine to his full potential on his debut. He went unnoticed. This is almost like his real debut.

“He’s out there, he’s entertaining, he’s achieved a knockout win, and I think this kid is going to be a special, special star.”

“I think he will go straight to the top. I think he will win world titles and do great things for British boxing. Everyone should support him.”

Adam Azim has added showmanship to his honed skills, promising to chart a path to world championship glory.

“I would like to thank main man Shane McGuigan for making me a better fighter now,” he told Sky Sports.

“I was talking to my dad. He tells me, ‘You should do a backflip, entertain people.’

“I went to gym class the next day and learned, just on that day, how to do a backflip.

“We are all going to take this journey together to get that world title.

“With Shane’s help, I will become a world champion.”

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