For those who will leave Barcelona for Messi to support PSG or talk about club says FCB Fans…

I know it’s very painful for Messi to leave like this, but maybe not now, but after a few days, suppose Messi retires after 3-4 seasons, then you will not watch football?
If the answer is no / don’t see then you can go Messi has no problem in PSG.
And if the answer is yes / I will say something.

You will support PSG for Messi, Messi will return to Barca after retirement. Now going for two reasons for one Messi two Bar্সa now the situation is very bad now if you have to eat a lot of trolls. Maybe next time we have to play in the Europa League or play again, but whatever you do, the trolls will do it to you because I haven’t done less. Now you support Barcelona and PSG. Isn’t it better to eat as a bartender when I eat trolls? When I win, I will be able to rejoice in the same way

Now let’s talk about fanbase. PSG’s fanbase knows a little bit about “Puta Madrid”, “Puta Barcelona” or Neymar, the most recorded transfer in the history of football. They didn’t let anyone go. .
I’m not saying we Barcelona  fans are good but we’re not as bad as them. Maybe after a while Messi did something or he wanted to go back to Bar পরa after 2 seasons but he couldn’t come back then you will see what they do with Messi, they won’t let him go, remember Messi too, can you take it then? Yes, you can be happy with Messi or his achievement, it is normal, but I will not support Barcelona!

Now comes the name change of the group or many people are asking to open a new group soon or later they will not get any more members. Why were they doing this on their trolls? They are also doing this work. Their best have supported them where they are playing. They are doing the same now. So what is the difference between them and you? We have not done less, we have to bear with Ronaldo now, even though it is Ronaldo alone, he must be a victim of trolls. 3

Let Messi play and they will bring Ronaldo, Suárez, then PSG for Kante for the midfield, poor League will be Krishak League, that is normal. This tag is based on the behavior of their league team then, it is not the case that taking Messi will be the best league in the world.

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