Jack Wilshere: Sad thoughts don’t matter if you’re a footballer, it’s important that you talk

Jack Wilshere: Sad thoughts don’t matter if you’re a footballer, it’s important that you talk

Jack Wilshere says it’s important for footballers to talk about their emotions and their emotions; Ex-Arsenal, West Ham and Bournemouth midfielder has no club at the moment; He said: “Sad thoughts don’t matter if you’re a footballer. I think it’s important that the story comes out.”

By James Simpson

Former Arsenal, West Ham and Bournemouth spokesman Jack Wilshere says it is important for footballers to talk about mental health and know they are not weak.

Wilshere has nearly 200 appearances in more than 10 years with Arsenal, and he was one of the top targets at the Emirates Stadium when he ended his move to Norwich in 2013.

He joined Arsenal’s first team just 16 years ago and is the future of Arsenal, but at 29 now, his future is in the air after leaving Bournemouth in May without a club. yes.

Wilshere told Sky Sports about the health challenges of footballers saying: “When I say I’m training myself, I think:‘ What am I training for? “

“The response from everyone – but most of the players I respect, the former players, the guys I look forward to visiting me, says there’s still a lot going on. share it – I was even more hungry to come back and enjoy my football again.

Wilshere’s former team -mate and current Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta admitted last week that he was willing to let Wilshere train with the club, saying: the club and everyone here will be open of our gates. “

Wilshere, who was Arsenal’s Player of the Year who was voted PFA Player of the Year in 2010-11 and also 34 caps for England, said: that club.

“To listen to the director – who I played with, I was really close to him, I really enjoyed playing with him, sharing the dressing room with him – to hear that he came out with to say that the door is always open is good. “

When asked if he would accept Arteta’s offer or not, Wilshere said: “This alone will help.

“Being with the best players, training with world -class players, and just being in one part of the team is something I want.

“I know I’ll talk to someone at the club for these two days.”

Wilshere spoke as part of a mental health initiative between CALM and Penguin Indigenous.

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