Kylian Mbappé transfer to Real Madrid is fairly certain. Mbappe has already informed PSG that he is interested in switching teams and will not sign any new contract with PSG. And it is almost confirm that Real Madrid is a potential destination. Based on various reliable sources, it is known that Real’s personal agreement with Mbappe has also been completed. Now just waiting for Madrid’s offer to be officially accepted by PSG. However, Madrid has to spend a good amount of money, which amounts to 180 million euros or more! But Real Madrid management wants to seal the deal at any cost before the transfer window end. Madrid fans are also eagerly waiting to see one of the best stars of the time in their jersey.
Cristiano Ronaldo: – It is very certain that Ronaldo will leave the club next season, as he will be transferred for free in the next season, so although it is a little easier for PSG to sign him, Ronaldo has stated that he does not want to play with Messi, Manchester City are interested in taking him!
  • Richardson: – Richardson was offered by PSG as a replacement for Embapp, but Everton did not accept PSG’s offer, his market value was 55 million Euros .. If he wanted to buy it for 60 million Euros, he could have bought it, but Everton kept him. 3
  • Earling Holland: – Holland has not tried his best to sign Chelsea this season, although he is not so interested in PSG, he is not going to be signed for 150 million euros as 130 million euros, but if he wants a game, he can play with Neymar, Messi. You can.! 3
As a replacement for Embapp … PSG is keeping an eye on Ronaldo, Richardson and Holland, the challenge now is to sign 1 out of 3 of them.  

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