La Liga new Season without Messi is starting!

La Liga new Season without Messi is starting!

The new season started in two days, new challenges. In the pre-season, La Liga teams are busy preparing as well as arranging teams. Barcelona, the second most successful team in the competition, has suffered a major setback. Kandari has lost Lionel Messi due to financial difficulties and rules. That’s why some questions are coming back before the start of the new event. How will Barcelona without Messi? How much will be the old glory of La Liga after losing such a big star?

Messi’s departure from the club was made even before the last event, which started late due to coronavirus. The service wanted to change the address voluntarily, but could not. This time he wanted to stay, but he couldn’t. Between these two events that shocked the football world, the 2020-21 season has given birth to many more stories.

Before we start the new fight, let’s take a look back at the last season of the Spanish top league, which has become a little different and memorable for various reasons.

La Liga means that the title that Atletico Madrid celebrated last time has given a new dimension to the upcoming event by disproving the tradition of two-horse racing. In front of Barcelona and Real Madrid, so this time the mission to regain the title and last time the challenge to hold the crown in front of the newly matched Atletico.

Messi’s announcement to leave Barcelona, leaving him against his will after 10 days of tension, Luis Suarez’s memorable debut in Atletico after being expelled from Barcelona, the continuity of the two big teams in tight schedule What was not last season!

Due to the coronavirus, the 2019-20 season ended late and the last season started late. However, the middle break was short. In the meantime, Messi’s announcement ‘I will not stay in Barcelona’ shook the world. After much drama, the then club president, Josep Maria Bartameu, somehow forced Messi to stay at the club under the terms of the contract.
However, in the last two rounds, the fight between the two clubs of Madrid was frozen. The equation before the last round was that if Atletico won, the league would be their best. And if they lose and Real win their match, Zidane’s team will lift the title.
In the end there was no more drama. As both teams won their respective matches, Atletico Madrid became the champions as expected. Suarez celebrated the title with tears in his eyes, the joy and joy of proving himself at the best level again.

Besides scoring 21 goals in the league, he also informed Barcelona that he is not finished yet.

Due to the late start of the season, each team had to play at least one match every three days on average. Excessive stress had an effect on the fitness of the players; The incidence of injuries was much higher than usual.

Real suffered the most. Even then, losing to Barcelona in both the Clিকsicos and leaving them behind to end the season with two has given some comfort to the fans.

Messi was the only light of hope for Barcelona, who failed to win the league for the second season in a row. He scored 30 goals and 11 assists. Won the record eighth highest La Liga goal scorer award, the Pichichi Trophy.

Outside of the top three, no team other than Sevilla was able to impress. With 6 points, the team took place in the Champions League from four.

After a fierce competition, Real Sociedad and Real Betis got a direct chance in the Europa League from five and six respectively.

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