Monday Night Football FanDuel Picks: NFL DFS Lineup Tips for Week 11 Giants-Buccaneers Single Game Tournaments



The Giants will head to Florida to face the Buccaneers in the final of Monday Night Football Week 11. Las Vegas sportsbooks opened the Giants as double-digit underdogs, but they will have a nearly complete collection of weapons at their disposal. disposition, especially Saquon Barkley (ankle). We’re taking Barkley out of our single-game FanDuel lineup this week, but his presence has the potential to provide the entire unit with a boost at DFS contests.

Here are the key scoring settings for single-game FanDuel contests: Total points for “MVP” are multiplied by 1.5, but it does not cost additional money as “Captain” in DraftKings Showdown contests. FanDuel’s default score is half-point PPR and four-point pass TD, and there are no bonuses for 300-yard / 100-yard games like in DraftKings.

FanDuel Single Game DFS Picks: Giants vs. Buccaneers
$ 60,000 budget, needs at least one player from each team

MVP (1.5x points): RB Saquon Barkley, Giants ($ 17,000)

Brady is heading for a good place to “hit” after he and the Bucs laid an egg in their Week 9 loss to Washington Football Team. He has three performances of more than 24.0 FanDuel points in his last five games, and the showdown suggests he will be able to deliver another meaty point total.

FLEX: WR Mike Evans, Buccaneers ($ 13,000)

A good case can be made in favor of Evans and Chris Godwin ($ 12,500) with Antonio Brown (ankle) set to miss another contest. Evans gets the nod thanks to his dominance in the end zone: He has scored seven touchdowns in his last five games. He has made the most of low goal volume in his last two contests, but has exceeded 10 goals three times this season.

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FLEX: RB Leonard Fournette ($ 11,500)

Fournette has only failed to break double figures on FanDuel once since Week 4, and he continues to receive the kind of volume that will allow him to maintain that streak. The Giants have poor running defense, so if this matchup gets out of hand, Tampa Bay could jump on Fournette’s back and put the offense into “ground and pound” mode.

FLEX: WR Kenny Golladay, Giants ($ 9,500)

At first glance, Golladay’s return to action left a lot to be desired. However, his 2-28 line on three goals is much more palatable when you realize that Daniel Jones attempted only 20 passes. The Giants aren’t likely to get away with pitching so little on Monday, so Golladay should be a lot busier. The bye week should also have given him more time to recover from a number of injuries and ailments that he has struggled with throughout the season.

FLEX: WR Kadarius Toney, Giants ($ 9,000)

Toney is healthy after dealing with a pair of injuries since his breakup in Week 5. Monday’s game paints the picture of a matchup that will require more passing volume than the 20 pitches Daniel Jones attempted in Week 9. There will be more. hands on deck for the Giants, which means Toney might not dominate target volume. However, we have seen the willingness of the coaching staff to deploy Toney creatively. There should be enough playmaking opportunities for Toney to make a dent in this week’s contest.

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