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NFL Week 3 Panthers-Texans Thursday Night Football DraftKings Picks: NFL DFS Lineup Tips for Showdown Tournaments

NFL Week 3 Panthers-Texans Thursday Night Football DraftKings Picks: NFL DFS Lineup Tips for Showdown Tournaments


Week 3 begins with a football game Thursday night between the Panthers and the Texans. The Panthers have unleashed an intimidating defense and have a 3-0 start in their sights. Meanwhile, thanks to the Jaguars, the Texans don’t appear to be the most mismanaged organization in the sport. Carolina will lean on her superstar, Christian McCaffrey, to lead her to another victory, as will most of the field at DraftKings Showdown contests. It’s tough to put together a competitive DFS lineup with a pick that takes up much of your salary cap, but we like some of the value options at our disposal.

Before we get into the lineup picks, here are the most notable scoring setups for DraftKings Showdowns: It’s full-point PPR, and there are three-point bonuses for 300 passing yards, 100 rushing yards, and 100 receiving yards. The Captain’s pick costs 1.5 times a player’s original price, but he also gets his total points multiplied by 1.5. Canelo Alvarez, Caleb Plant Scrap at pre-fight press conference | Game Time DecisionsCanelo Alvarez, Caleb Plant Scrap at Pre-Fight Press Conference | Game Time Decisions Pause Next Video0: 25/2: 11 Setup Full Screen

DraftKings Showdown Picks: Panthers vs. Texans
$ 50,000 budget, at least one player from each team is needed.

Captain (1.5x value, 1.5x points): RB Christian McCaffrey, Panthers ($ 21,000)

We have to pay for you know how to name CMC as our captain, but we are not willing to consider other options, not when he eclipsed the DraftKings 40 points four times since 2018.

FLEX: QB Sam Darnold, Panthers ($ 11,200)

Darnold has played at a high level through two games as Panther. He needs to clean up soft turnovers, but he’s on his way to becoming another post-Adam Gase success story. The offense has distributed all three of its touchdown passes to three different receivers, so we’ll just stack Darnold with McCaffrey in this setup rather than roll the dice at any individual pass receiver.

FLEX: QB Davis Mills, Texans ($ 8,400)

All signs point to a long night for Mills, but soccer doesn’t always follow the script. Should the Texans turn this into a respectable competition, Mills will likely be responsible for much of the offensive production. With this play, we also wonder how much a road trip in a short week will slow down the Panthers’ defense.

FLEX: RB David Johnson, Texans ($ 5,400)

Committee running can be a lot like the committee closer in baseball. Sounds good in theory, but eventually someone takes over and forces the team to commit to more defined roles. Both Johnson and Phillip Lindsay are tied for second behind Mark Ingram with 14 touches. However, Johnson’s 5.4 yards per touch outperform his fellow racers by a comfortable margin. It’s not too hard to imagine a scenario in which Johnson gradually usurps more of the backfield burden, perhaps starting Thursday night.

FLEX: K Zane Gonzalez, Panthers ($ 3,800)

The Panthers have had moments on offense, but a series of mistakes in the first two weeks tells us that they are still not doing their best. Until that happens, we’ll probably see healthy doses of Gonzalez.

FLEX: WR Anthony Miller, Texans ($ 1,000)

The Texans are behind Nico Collins (shoulder) and Danny Amendola (hamstring), and conventional wisdom suggests that the Panthers will make sure they dedicate resources to contain Brandin Cooks. That means Miller, who will make his debut in 2021, could be called in to handle some of the heavy lifting out of the slot. He has scored double-digit DK points 15 times in his career, and the volume needed for a 16 could be present.

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