Nice-Marseille match postponed due to clashes with supporters The match between Olympic Marseille and Nice in Ligue 1 went well. But at one stage of the match, the picture of the whole stadium changed. Dolberg’s goal in the 49th minute of the match gave the hosts the lead. However, after a corner decision in favor of Marseille, Nice supporters started throwing various things at the players. Nice supporters also started throwing water bottles at the players.
At one point, Marseille player Dimitri Payet picked up a bottle and threw it back at the fans. From there, the whole stadium was heated and the Marseille players were attacked. The supporters crossed the border and entered the field. Nice Ultras fans go down to the pitch and attack the players. Later, the clash spread from the players to the coaches. In the end it was decided to postpone the game due to this clash. In the 73rd minute of the game, Nice player Jordan Lotomba gifted a corner to Marseille. And Dimitri Payet came to take that corner. And Niss Ultras started throwing various objects at the players who came to take the corner. One supporter was injured during the clash. The clash later spread to players and coaching staff. The situation escalated when Nice defender Claire Todibo Marseille insulted coach George Sampaoli. In the end the match was postponed as there was no situation to start again.

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