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Nick Saban from Alabama unleashes a spiel during press conference: ‘Did any of you play sports?’

Nick Saban from Alabama unleashes a spiel during press conference: ‘Did any of you play sports?’


Alabama coach Nick Saban unleashed another classic midweek spiel against unsuspecting reporters during his press conference on Wednesday.

Several Alabama writers covering the press conference noted on social media that Saban was “short on merger,” and that the most viral clip of his availability in the media came from a seemingly innocuous question about Jahleel Billingsley. The reporter asked what the tight end, who has lost time this season due to disciplinary problems, had done to increase his role on offense.

Thus Saban replied:

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After answering the journalist’s question, he let some of his irritation show in his follow-up:

“I think – did any of you play sports? The coach is supposed to play with the best players, right?” Saban said. “And then it’s up to the players to do what they’re supposed to do in order to play. Because they become one of the best players. So that’s what he’s doing now.”

“But I don’t know, maybe if you didn’t play, that’s not something you understand. So to answer your question, he’s doing what he’s supposed to do.”

Such outbursts from Saban are not unheard of, though there could be several reasons for the latest example of him. His team, while still ranked No. 1 in the country, is coming off a narrow 31-29 win over No. 11 Florida in which his defense was largely unable to stop the Gators’ rushing offense. . The week before, he joined his team for what he described as a bad week of practice ahead of FCS opponent Mercer.

Saban also lamented how his team failed to finish strong against Miami heading into the Week 2 matchup against the Bears. The Crimson Tide will face Southern Miss before a two-week stretch against opponents ranked No. 13 Ole Miss and No. 7 Texas A&M.

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