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Remember the last time Nick Diaz fought the UFC?

Remember the last time Nick Diaz fought the UFC?


2,428 days! That’s how long it’s been since MMA fan favorite Nick Diaz was inside the Octagon, but all of that changes this weekend at UFC 266.

For the first time since February 2015, Diaz will enter the UFC cage this Sunday (AEST) and face former welterweight champion Robbie Lawler.

Diaz’s last fight, which was more than six years ago, ended in a loss to Anderson Silva in the main event of UFC 183.

The result was eventually changed to a no contest, after Silva was revealed to have tested positive for PED.

Even though he has only fought three times in the last decade and hasn’t won any of those fights, Diaz’s return to the UFC at the age of 38 has thrilled many fans due to his cult hero status. .

His comeback fight against Lawler is a rematch of their 2004 fight at UFC 47, in which Diaz won by second round knockout.

Nick is, of course, Nate Diaz’s older brother.

More than six years ago.

Diaz has not fought in the UFC or any other MMA promotion since February 2015, where he faced Anderson Silva at UFC 183.

He lost the fight, but was eventually called off to a no-contest after Silva failed a drug test.

The 38-year-old will return to the Octagon this weekend, facing Robbie Lawler.

There are probably a host of reasons that Diaz has been largely inactive in the last 10 years, but the main reason is because he likes to smoke marijuana.

Díaz was suspended multiple times due to failing drug tests for marijuana use, including a five-year ban courtesy of the Nevada State Athletic Commission in September 2015.

He appealed that suspension and reduced it to 18 months and it was finally lifted in August 2016. Since then, he has signed an agreement with NSAC to compete again.

Diaz has been away from the sport for more than six years, but will return against Robbie Lawler this Sunday (AEST) at UFC 266 in a five-round middleweight fight.

Diaz has a career record of 26-9 (2 NC), with 13 wins by knockout and another eight by submission.

He held the Strikeforce welterweight title in 2010 and successfully defended it three times, before opting to vacate the title in 2011.

In the UFC, Diaz has had 14 fights and won seven of them. His last victory for the promotion was in October 2011, where he defeated BJ Penn by unanimous decision.

Diaz lost to Carlos Condit in a UFC interim welterweight title fight in February 2012, before falling to Georges St-Pierre in a title fight in March 2013.

His last fight inside the UFC Octagon was a loss to Anderson Silva, which was eventually changed to a no-contest after Silva failed a drug test.

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