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Ryan Hall: Hal has extended his contract with KR Winger until the end of 2023

Ryan Hall: Hal has extended his contract with KR Winger until the end of 2023

Ryan Corridor has extended its contract with Hal KR until 2023

Hull KR’s England winger Ryan Corridor has extended a contract with Robbins that could keep him in membership until 2023.

The Le-year-old former Leeds favorite joined the Hull KR Final in November on a two-year contract from the Sydney Rosters and has now extended it for another year.

The first surprise announcement came again in the Tremandas League, where he made 15 attempts in 20 games until his season was quickly cut short by a shoulder injury in Saturday’s final win over Castleford.

Hull KR coach Tony Smith, who inaugurated the corridor for each of Leeds and England, is delighted to have extended his position at East Hull and hopes he will move forward ahead of his current contract.

“Ryan was excellent at everything from skill to try-scoring and management,” Smith noted. “He was great.

“He is very efficient and has made a very good impression. She takes care of herself and she is in beautiful form.

“I know he lost in the minute but half of the rugby league. It’s not a problem that’s going to limit him too long, he’ll be ready for the pre-season.

“The way he has been approached this year is only one hundred percent and he offers it regularly. I believe for someone who takes great care of himself and trains so hard, Ryan has the potential to play for a very long time. ”

Corridor has won six grand finals in its 12 seasons with the Rhinos and has won 35 caps for his nation.

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