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There are plans to sack Ronald Koeman from Barcelona?

There are plans to sack Ronald Koeman from Barcelona?

“There are plans to sack Ronald Koeman” Fans Reaction..

No success will come by sacking Koeman at this time. No one will be able to bring success with this team.

Koman has no tactics, can’t sub as needed, can’t play memorized formations, can’t win matches against big teams. These are true.
Koman is weak in front of the tactical coach.

But now success can be found by sacking Koman?

Answer: No.

What was the result of sacking Valvarade in the middle 2 seasons ago and bringing Setien?
Boring football, the league got out of hand and got nothing but the Lisbon tragedy.

Coman is one of the first Champions League winning captains and one of the best defenders in our history, it’s a shame to sack him like this. With 12 million euros to pay, he would not have taken the money if he had thought about the club.

Losing Messi at the start of the season, then again handing Griezzi over to the rivals, injured Kun, Fati, Dembele.
There is only Memphis in the forward line to serve. Then this is the first season of Memphis.
Also the right side has been paralyzed by the release of Dest Injured, Emerson.
Alba has no back-up on the left side, so Injured Alba has had to play in the last match, Balde has but he is not Proven.
There is no physical box-to-box midfield.
We don’t even have a high profile CB.

Now let’s talk about the future coach.

After Coman, I like 2 of the coaches on Bar্সa’s radar the most. They are Eric Ten Hughes and Marcelo Gallardo.
But my personal choice is Garcia Pimienta.

If Koman’s contract expires next season, we can get something better if we give the responsibility to Tag Hug or Gallardo.

And if Koeman is sacked in the middle of this season, no one will be able to handle the rest of the season better than Pimienta.
And if Pimienta is not given the responsibility, we will end the season in a worse way if we sack Koman.

It is doubtful whether he will be held accountable for what he did to the board. But if Pimienta is called, I don’t think Pimienta will return the offer.

So I think Koman should be given a chance with the full squad. If not, give Pimienta a chance as a second choice.

No one will ever think I’m defending Koeman again.
However, changing the coach repeatedly is not the solution.


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